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Frontispiece of Masquerades, Tableaux and Drills, published by Butterick in 1906.
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January 4, 2011


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Ah yes, the bold, new twentieth century, in which rich people can afford to employ women to do the heavy lifting and stand around looking ornamental! Actually, as I assume the cane is for keeping the rabble from gatecrashing, I suppose footmen were more necessary than I initially thought.

I would have thought a plainer skirt myself, but I'm not really an expert on servants.

The quilted skirt is actually quite clever -- that's an 18th-century woman's style. Footman's livery tends to be the formal wear of several decades in the past, so having the woman's style do the same thing really tickled me.

A second look makes me think I've misled myself over the line drawing. The quilting looks like it's quite elaborate decoration, but would be much less visible in real life, especially with buttons, waistcoat and ruffles to attract the eye.

Yep. Take a look at an 18thc style quilted underskirt here.

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