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Frontispiece of Masquerades, Tableaux and Drills, published by Butterick in 1906.
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November 5, 2010


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Cinderella being a pantomime, in my mind her sisters are always men in drag. Also they're known almost universally as the Ugly Sisters. I'd assume this was not the case when this suggestion was made. Or would this be one view of the tale at the time, with other views as well? If I had time and research skills, I'd try and find out.

I like Sovreign and Shilling. In fact they should be some kind of pulp adventure duo. One is big, posh but brash and blonde, the other common, useful, welcome everywhere and silver-haired.

I don't seem to have any sort of description for costumes for Cinderella's sisters, though I've got some fairly ornate ones for Cinderella herself (both at the hearth and at the ball), so I don't know quite how they were envisioned. Not drag, however!

I'll keep an eye out for any information on this.

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