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Frontispiece of Masquerades, Tableaux and Drills, published by Butterick in 1906.
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July 16, 2010


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"The minuet should be danced, also those dances which have a slow, graceful movement."

If they did bouncy dances I wonder if there would be clouds of powder in the air?

I think the powder was put on over pomade or some other sticky hair stuff, so it wouldn't coat the room. I'll try to put something on how to apply powder up when I have a chance.

I think most powder at the time was rice powder which would have had more tendency to stick if there was any moisture on the hair. I suspect some people used plain old flour. BTW- occasional 18th C. portraits will show a trace of powder fallen on the subject's clothes so it was something taken for granted. What hostesses really did worry about was candle wax dripping from chandeliers.

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