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Frontispiece of Masquerades, Tableaux and Drills, published by Butterick in 1906.
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June 10, 2011


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I suppose Falcon(e)ry is supposed to represent the "sport" of Falconry, and without the hawk then the costume sounds like you're some sort of Restoration Adventuress or Horsewoman. The Falconer, sounding from the description as though it's supposed to be medieval, is just a lackey - he trains, looks after and brings the birds to the field, but doesn't actually hunt with them. Or at least not for sport. Which may be why he doesn't get a hawk. Or possibly that source doesn't go in for stuffed birds.

I suppose Falcon(e)ry is supposed to represent the "sport" of Falconry

Yep. As usual, a woman is symbolic while a man is an actor in his own right.

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